25th Aug 2019

Lo Polidoro

and Fleur de Paris

Twinwood Festival!



Arena Stage 2pm

Cafe 9.30pm

24th Aug

Lo Polodoro Qt

Chichester sailing club


17th of August


Newhaven Band stand


4th of August 2019


The Paris House

6pm - 8pm

14th of July

Special Bastille Day

The Paris House

6pm ish

7th of July 2019

The Paris House Hove


6pm -8pm

7th and 8th of June


The Langham Hotel



2nd of June 2019


The Paris House - Hove


24th of May


Cafe du Jardin


8pm - 10pm

23rd of May


lo polidoro - non?

60s French Film and Swing


The Rose Hill Brighton




12th of May 2019


London Moonwalk charity event.

Outside in the middle of

Sloan Square

2am -6am

Free come and cheer the walkers!

11th of May

Trio with legend

Oz Dechaine on Double Bass!

The Queen Vic


10pm - Midnight

5th of May

The Paris House Hove


6pm 8pm

27th April



13th of April

Queen Vic Rottingdean



7th of April 2019

The Paris House Hove


6pm 8pm

10th of March 2019

La Locanda - Eastbourne


7pm -9pm

Fleur de Paris

8th of March 2019

Ashcroft Arts Center


3rd of March 2019

The Paris House Hove


15th of February

Cafe Du Jardin


8pm -11pm

3rd of February 2019

The Paris House

Hove 6pm-8pm


12th of January 2019

The Queen Vic


10pm -midnight

6th of January 2019

The Paris House - Hove

6pm -8pm

8th of December

The Queen Vic Rottingdean 10pm -12pm

2nd of December

The Paris House - Hove 6pm-8pm

1st of december

WM Hall


doors 6.30pm


15th of November

Beaujolais night - The Paris House Hove

10th of November

Queen Vic - Rottingdean 2.30pm -5pm

4th of November

The Paris House 6-8pm

7th of October

The Paris House 6- 8pm

16th of September

La Locanda del Duca Eastbourne 7 -9pm

Sunday 2nd of September

The Paris House 6-8pm

Saturday 18th of August

Queen Vic Rottingdean 2.30pm -5pm

15th of August

Chamberlain Court, Mount Ephraim Tunbridge Wells

5th of August

The Paris House

28th of July

Ashcroft Arts centre

21st of July

Queen Vic Rottingdean

15th of July

Linklater Festival Lewes

14th of July

The Paris House Bastille day!

7th of July

Blackheath Ecole Grenadine

10th of June 2018 - Komedia - Brighton

Tickets £12

3rd of June 2018 - duo

The Paris House -Hove 6-8pm

2nd of June - duo

The Queen Vic Rottingdean

20th of May2018 - Rottingdean Village Hall

Tickets £12

18th of May 2018 - Newick Village Hall

East Sussex

Tickets £12

12th May Queen Vic - Rottingdean 10 - 12pm

Jazzy Trio with Nigel on piano!

6th of May 2018 - The Paris House -Hove- 6-8pm

22nd of April 2018 - Linklater Hall -Lewes 7.30 -9.30pm

Tickets available - [email protected]

15th of April 2018 - La Locanda de Duca- Eastbourne

7pm - 9pm

5th of April 2018 - MJC -Bourg en Bresse - France

1st of April 2018 - The Paris House - Hove- 6-8pm

22nd of March 2018 - The Crazy Coqs - Soho -London

Guests of Kenny Clayton

4th of March 2018 - The Paris House - Hove - 6-8pm

4th of February 2018 - The Paris House -Hove- 6-8pm

Sunday 14th of January 2018 - La Locanda- Eastbourne

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Sunday 7th of January 2018 - The Paris House - Hove

6pm -8pm

31st of December 2017 - Chelsea Arts Club/ London

Friday - 8th of December 2017 - Alfriston Village Hall - Alfriston

Christmas Special

7.15pm - 9.45pm


Tickets on the door or contact us to secure a seat

Saturday 2nd of December- The Queen Vic


2.30pm -5pm

Sunday - 26th of November - The Paris House -Hove

6pm - 8pm

Thursday - 16th of November - The Paris House -Hove

Beaujolais Special


Tuesday - 14th of November - The Lamb Inn - Eastbourne.

Beaujolais Special

7pm - 10pm


Sunday - 29th of October - The Paris House - Hove 6pm -8pm

Sunday - 1st of October - The Paris House -

6pm - 8pm

Sunday 17th of September 2017-

La Locanda Del Duca - Eastbourne

6.30pm til 8.30pm

Sunday 3rd of September 2017 - Paris House

26th-28th of August 2017-Twinwood Festival

3rd of August - Paris House

16th of July - Bastille Celebration @Paris House 4pm

9th of July Borough Market London

4.30pm -6pm

6th of July - Paris House- Hove 8pm

Saturday 1st of July -8pm

The British Oak / Blackheath (SE38SU)

1st of June - Paris House- Hove 8pm

Monday 29th of May - The Lamb - Lewes 2-5pm

Sunday 14th of May- Eastbourne @

La Locanda Del Duca 7pm -9pm

14th of May :Sloane Square London Moon walk 2017

3am - 6am

3rd of May- Paris House- Hove-8pm

Wednesday 5th of April- Paris House -Hove 8pm

2nd of April 2017- La Locanda Del Duca - 7pm -Eastbourne BN21 4NS

24th of March- Offham Church Hall- Offham nr Lewes 7pm

18th of March - The Underground Theater- Eastbourne 10am -12pm Free

1st of March 2017- The Paris House- Hove

14th of February 2017- Saint Valentine Special -

Le Quecumbar- Battersea

Wednesday 1st of February 2017 - The Paris House - Hove

05th of January 2017 - The Paris House - Hove

13th of December 2016 - The Lamb Inn- Eastbourne


1st of December 2016 - The Paris House - Hove

17th of November 2016 - The Paris House - Hove

3rd of November 2016 - The Paris House - Hove

6th of October 2016 - The Paris House- Hove

1st of September- The Paris House - Hove 8pm-10pm

28th of August- Trading Boundaries- Ukfield 12-3pm

4th of August - The Paris House- Hove- 8pm -10pm

24th of July - Ron's speak Easy - Lewisham

London. 9pm -11pm

17th of July Paris House Bastille day celebration!

07th of July - Paris House 8pm -10pm

2nd of July- Lamb Inn Eastbourne 8pm-10pm

26th of June - Con Club 3pm -5pm Lewes

02 of June - Paris House 8pm-10pm

05 of May - Paris House 8pm-10pm

7th of April- Paris House- Hove 8pm -10pm

28th of March - Trading Boundaries- 12 noon -3pmTN22 3RB Uckfield

19th of March - WM Hall- Alfriston- 6.30pm- 9.30pm £12.00

03rd of March- The Paris House- 8pm-10pm

26th of February- The Cahoots Cocktail Club- Soho 11pm - 2am

13th of February - Le Quecumbar- Battersea- 7pm-11pm

04th of February - The Paris House 8-10pm

07th of January 2016- The Paris House 8-10pm

19th of December - The British Oak- Blackheath. 8- 10.30pm

3rd of Dec 2015- The Paris- House- Hove-8-10pm

1st of December- The Lamb Inn -Eastbourne 7.30- 10pm

29th of Nov- Con Club- Lewes 3.30-5pm

29th of Nov -Hand in Hand- Brighton 8-11pm

27th of Nov- Offham Church Hall- Offham 7 - 10pm

22nd of Nov- Neptune- Brighton 3-5pm

19th of Nov - Beaujolais night at The Paris House

22 of Oct 2015- The Paris House- Hove- 8-10pm

1st of Oct 2015- The Paris House-Hove 8-10pm

5th of Sept Zu Studio - Lewes

3rd of Sept 2015- The Paris House Hove 8-10pm

30th of Aug 2015-Blacksmith Arms-Offham E.Sussex.12.30-3pm

29th of Aug Twinwood Festival

13th of Aug 2015-The Paris House-Hove 8-10pm

26th of July 2015- Blacksmith Arms-Offham E.Sussex. 12.30-3pm

12th of July 2015 - The Paris House- Hove- 4pm-7pm

2sd of July 2015 - Paris House-Brighton

28th of June 2015- Blacksmith Arms- Offham-E Sussex 12.30-3pm

27th of June 2015- Jazz Festival- Grimsby

06th of June 2015-The British Oak-Blackheath

4th of June 2015- Paris House- Brighton

31st of May 2015. Blacksmith Arms. Offham E Sussex 12.30-3pm

22sd of May 2015- The Lamb Inn-Eastbourne

17th of May 2015- Moonwalk, Charity Event-

Sloane Suqare-London 2am-5am

16th of May 2015- Alfriston memorial Hall

14th of May 2015- Paris House- Brighton

5th of April- Con Club- Lewes

2sd of April 2015- Paris House-Brighton

27th of March 2015 -Church Hall-Offham

5th Of March 2015- The Paris House. Brighton

14th of February 2015- Quecumbar- Battersea London

5th Of February 2015 - The Paris House-Brighton

31st Of January 2015 Blacksmith arms. Offham

25th Of January 2015- Con Club- Lewes (3-5pm)

8th Of January 2015 -The Paris House-Brighton

20th of December 2014- British Oak-Blackheath.London

18th of December 2014- Paris House- Brighton

14th December 2014 - Le Quecumbar London

20th November 2014 Beaujolais Night- Paris House Brighton (Duo)

4th November 2014. The Lamb inn Eastbourne (trio)

16th October 2014-Paris House. Brighton (Duo)

2nd October 2014 - Paris House Brighton (Duo)

27th September 2014. Plumpton Green Hall £12

4th September 2014 - Paris House Brighton (Duo)

23/24 August 2014 - Twinwood Festival Bedfordshire

20th of July- Con Club 3-5pm - Lewes (duo)

17th July 2014 Paris House (Duo)

13th July 2014 - Bastille celebrations Paris House Brighton ( Duo)

7th June 2014 - The British Oak Blackheath (Trio)

5th June 2014 - Paris House Brighton (Duo)

22nd May 2014 - Paris House. Brighton (Duo)

20 April 2014 - Le Quecumbar London.

For tickets follow the link below


14 February 2014- London- Le Quecumbar

18 January 2014 - Fortune of War Brighton

22 December 2013 - London - Le Quecumbar

21 November 2013 - Pelham arms . Lewes

15 November 2013 - Depford London. The Duke

4 October 2013- The Office- Brighton

27 September 2013 - Chambers Bistro. Shoreham

24 August 2013 - Gloucester - Private Party

15 July 2013 - Leadenhall Market London - Lo and Nigel duo in the market. Bastille Event. 12pm till 2pm. Free public event.

14 July 2013 The Paris House. Western Road Brighton

Bastille Celebrations!

With the Full Band for the first time in Brighton!

Free Entry 3-6pm

10 July 2013- Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec . Kennington London 8 till 11pm.

Trio - Lo Nigel and Martin, Free Entry www.brasserietoulouselautrec.co.uk

28 June 2013 - Lewes Private party

23 June 2013- The Hand in Hand. Brighton.

Lo Nigel and Paul Trio

21 June 2013 - The office. Brighton Lo and Nigel Duo

10 June - Coworth Park Ascot. Executive Gala Dinner.

06 June - Pelham Arms. Lewes

27 May 2013 - Chateau de Blavou, Normandy - Private Party

25 May 2013 - Chateau de Blavou, Normandy. Dinner and show. Contact Le Chateau to book.

16 May 2013 - Private Party.Dartmouth House W1 LONDON

19 Apr 2013 - Art Festival - Isle Of Wight

11 April 2013 - Brasserie Joel - Central London

22 March - Duke - Depford/London Free Entry

14 Feb 2013 - Saint Valentine special @ Le Quecumbar

07 Feb 2013 - Trio - Pelham arms, Lewes - Free Entry 8.30 - 10.30

31 Jan 2013 - Qtet - Paris House bar, Brighton - Free Entry 7 - 11pm

16 Dec 2012 - Le Quecumbar, London. 8 - 11pm. Tickets from www.quecumbar.co.uk

29 November - Orgasmatron Club performing with Guy Chambers London

13 Oct 2012 - Wedding, Brighton

23 Sept 2012 - Hand in Hand, Brighton. Free entry. 8 -11pm

8 Sept 2012 - Wedding, London

25 - 26 Aug 2012 - Twinwood Festival, Bedfordshire

19 July 2012 - Pelham Arms, Lewes